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Post by MrProfit on Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:59 pm

Columbia County History Stout41_zpscf3469ae

Early months of infection, small town Bensburg is safely isolated in the rolling hills and woods of Oregon, but the sense of detainment, of being cut off from the world is not exactly something that your average human could endure.

Most towns in North Oregon rarely encounter zombies. Maybe a lost runner will sometimes find his way, only to be killed in his tracks. The Military doesn't bother with towns either, they do fine on their own, and absorbing them would only thin out the troops, and gain more mouths to feed.. So Bensburg was on it's own.

Bensburg was a small farming town in Columbia County , surrounded by the woods, snowbound each winter. It had a population of roughly 170, and was scarce in terms of cars and transportation. When the first reports of fungal infection came around, no one really cared since it had not been affecting anyone outside the cities.

When communication was cut, that's when people started getting worried. No one dared leave the town, knowing what was out there. People still continued farming, month after month, year after year, waiting for society to rebuild itself. All the way, people who used to travel, people who used to love visiting other parts of Oregon get agitated.

By this time, all of the young men and women have left the town, looking for a life of their own. Only the children and parents remain, unsure about the safety of their children. When food starts running low, the fathers of the town start turning out to be angry, distant people. The levels of beatings on children and wives raise rapidly, and every able-bodied male is included in the town militia, used to protect from the occasional small groups of runners that find their way to Bensburg.

When the women fight back, fed up with abuse, that's when it all breaks. A pile of bodies in the middle of town, full of middle-aged women, and a seperate pile for the children. The men were starving anyways, this new source kept them alive for another month or so, but they needed more food.

At the brink of starvation, by year 2033 everyone gathers, with their axes and pitchforks, shotguns and rifles. They follow the eldest, most experienced unfeeling man in the town, Stuart Makarus. They go from town to town, catching more suitable food-sources, absorbing more and more men in similar mental conditions. This goes on until Columbia County is nothing but a kingdom of hopeless cannibals, led by their devilish king, Stuart Makarus.

The Only Point Is To Survive

Scouts are sent on treks, to find out which new territory may have new gold-mines of food. Portland Oregon, a beacon of hope for survivors all around North-West America is bustling and overflowing with fat, energy giving weaklings, perfect for meals.

And with a final meal, Makarus raises his shotgun, and leads the remaining men that haven't starved out, Southward to Portland.

It's Killing Time.


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