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Black Mask History Empty Black Mask History

Post by Thy Final Wendigo on Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:29 am

Back somewhere in Massachusettes, in the early years of the Infection; when Quarantine stood as beacons of hope, and the terror of the zombies ran rampant around the world—a terrible plan was enacted: the installment of Martial Law. Serious bans on markets such as alcohol and drugs cut off serious business; ending many jobs for communities and markets. Running out of business, a wealthy Italian Wine Family was exhausted of all expenses—thrown into the streets as were most people. This family was the Montrésor family, who seeked revenge on the actions of the corrupt Martial Law controlled state. Beginning a series of Underground's, the Montrésor family began selling and trading illegal wines and alcohol; expanding rather rapidly, taking the alias as: the Black Mask's for their seal present on all their vintage wine.

Eventually taking on to tobacco products and eventually hard-core drugs, the Black Mask's came around to being the top of numerous underground's; luring unsuspecting buyers into debt traps—to the point the Mob literally owned people. Trading and building up in stock and investment, the Montrésor's came to be successful rather quickly; running their mafia through fear and intimidation, willing to maim or even kill those who oppose them. The family eventually separated through greed, all wanting the largest share of the pie; until the son of Gabriel: Giovanni—took control of all the operations, overthrowing his father and bringing himself to power.

Increasing the Black Mask's Influence, Giovanni Montrésor eventually took the title of the head itself: the Whitesuit; the highest and most important member of the Black Mask Mafia. Highly wanted for illegal trade and dangerous operations, the Black Mask's dominate the Black Market; keeping power even to this day. Spreading further to the west, the arm of the Black Mask spread nicely over the remnants of the United States; collecting power and influence as it went. Eventually reaching the state of Colorado. Officially pitching tents around major Quarantine Zones, the Black Mask's would soon be noticed in the underground already started in the lost state.

Setting up wine and drug yards state round, the Black Mask's harvest these materials both by themselves and by debt slaves; yet to be freed.


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Black Mask History Empty Re: Black Mask History

Post by MrProfit on Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:50 pm

Very realistic, no bullshit, completely on-lore since mostly the cities has an extreme amount of criminal presence.


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