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People: Disliked|Neutral|Accepted|Friend|Loved
Adam 'Ghost' Cherokee: He's a fucking asshole who I despise, Yet he somehow manages to be one of my closest friends..... Plus he's the only one who knows about my 'Condition'

Adriana Keyes: I think Im in love with this woman.... She knows my Secret and Didnt freak out.... Yeah, She's Military but so what? I'm sure the flies will understand... Somehow...

Angel 'Snow' Grey: Me and Her are good friends. She was one of the few people who I was actually friends with during my time in the flies.

Lila Carson: Eh, She's friends with Adam so I am forced to be "nice."

Gosha 'Obonca': He's going to fucking die....Enough said.

Christian 'Truck' Springfield: He seems like a good man....But I could be wrong.

Jason 'Redback':He's pretty Annoying....Odds are I'll break his leg in the not-so distant future.

'General' Alexander Dilan: He'll Eventually end up with a bullet between the eyes so Its best to start hating him now.

Fireflies: Eh, What can I say? Most of them are decent.... But some I would like to see mounted on my wall.

U.S Military: I want to say I hate all of them, But some of them are decent...Some more than Others.

Level 3 Kevlar
Desert Eagle(s)
Combat knife

Lewis 'Snake' Meza 2761376-1315572538

Combat knife:
Lewis 'Snake' Meza 2Q==

Lewis 'Snake' Meza 2Q==

-Physical Features-
Eye Color: Dark Brown.
Ethnicity: American
Religion: Atheist
Hair Color/Type: Shaggy Dark Brown Hair.
Height: 6'3"
Body Type: Muscular.

Lewis Meza Was Born January Twelfth 2012 In Portland Oregon, Two Years before the infection broke out. When the Infection broke out his Uncle a Member of the National Guard Quickly Escorted Him, His Mother, His Father and his One Year Old Sister to a Quarantine Zone Already In Colorado. The Airplane ride was hell Due to the constant Radio Chatter and Loud Whir of the Blades, Lewis Pretty Much Despised Ariel Travel Because of this.... But that's besides the point, When they landed down in Colorado They were quickly given a place of rest, It had two beds so he slept on the floor every night so she could sleep comfortably...... But that's just boring stuff right? Lets skip to the fun stuff! The Age of Eighteen. It was a Brisk Summer Evening and Lewis was sitting Alone In the park as Usual..... He had a Combat Knife his Uncle gave him before he died in one hand and a Old Gasmask on his head. He was Simply Staring at the grassy ground of the park, Not Whistling, Not Thinking of anything, Merely staring at the ground. He Eventually Gives a heavy sigh as if He has made up his mind as he begins to walk back to his house. His Parents Can be heard Arguing even before he enters his home. As he slowly Pushes the door open and walks up the steps He can see his Mother and Father Arguing about Menial Bullshit. Lewis Gives a hefty Sigh Before walking behind his father as he raises the bringing it to his neck as he slices it in one swift motion saying "Just....Shut the fuck up....".
His Mother Begins to look at him with fear in her eyes as she lets out a loud Scream before Lewis Slams the knife into her skull digging it deeper in even After she has been killed. After he removes the knife from her head he could hear the footsteps of Military as he quickly Grabs his Uncles Old Level 2 Kevlar, And ran..... Just ran, Away from the town, Away from His Sister, Friends, Family, Everyone. And he had no intent on going back.... Ever.

-Journal Entries-
Journal Entry #1 1/29/2036:
Agh... My Fucking Head still hurts.... Recently got the fuck kicked out of me by a couple of Hunters, Luckily these assholes are not with us anymore. Just glad I was able to keep them from getting to town... Cant take any risks of people getting to town and Hurting Adriana. Last night I promised myself I wouldn't let anything hurt her... No matter who or what it is. ~Snake

Journal Entry #2 1/30/2036:
Well, Learned a few things last night..... Apparently Adriana can Pilot a Plane, So that's something... Along with a few other things. I may need to speak to Adam and Truck about what I saw recently, Still not sure what to make of it all yet. But, I suppose that is all that matters today. ~Snake
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