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Military Application Format Empty Military Application Format

Post by WackyWill01 on Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:45 am

[OOC Section]

1. [Steam name]:

2. [Steam ID]:

3. [How do you feel about the United States Military? (1 Paragraph minimum)]:

4. [What do you expect whilst you role-play in the United States Military?(2 Paragraphs minimum)]:

5. [Give a detailed backstory of your character in third person.(3 Paragraphs minimum)]:

[IC Section]:

6. [Sex]:

7. [First name]:

8. [Last name]:

9. [Height]:

10. [Build (Body type, E.G Muscular, Slim, etc.)]:

11. [Description]:

12. [Sexuality]:

13. [Ethnicity]:

14. [Why do you wish to serve the United States Military, or if you plan to join, why do you believe you should be counted on to uphold the laws, Above all else? (1 Paragraph minimum)]:

15. [What combat situation do you feel most comfortable in?]:

16. [As a member of the United States Military, what do you believe is the uppermost priority?(1 Paragraph minimum)]:

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