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FireFly Application Format Empty FireFly Application Format

Post by WackyWill01 on Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:30 am

[OOC Section]

1. [Steam name]:

2. [Steam ID]:

3. [How do you feel about the Fire-Flies??](1 Paragraph minimum):

4. [What do you expect whilst you role-play in the Fire-Flies?](2 Paragraphs minimum):

5. [Give a detailed backstory of your character in third person.](3 Paragraphs minimum):

[IC Section]

6. [Sex]:

7. [First name]:

8. [Last name]:

9. [Height]:

10. [Build (What type of build, E.G Muscular, Slim, etc.)]:

11. [Hair color]:

12. [Eye color]:

13. [Why do you wish to serve the Fire-Flies, or if you plan to join, why do you believe you should become a part of the Fire-Flies.](1 Paragraph minimum):

14. [In what combat situation are you most comfortable in?]:

15. [As a member of the Fire-Flies, what do you believe is the uppermost priority?](1 Paragraph minimum):

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