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Post by Shanaro on Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:43 am

Jessica's Journal Ncxxt4

----------|OOC:: Character Information|----------

Name: Jessica Rillo

Height: 5'11

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Weight: 130

----------|OOC:: Character Inventory|----------

1x Black Hoodie:
Jessica's Journal 11f_girls_fleece_basic-zip_black_s8lfl-d311-blk_front-1_thumb

1x Black Jeans:
Jessica's Journal 814tgMQpX3L._SL1500_

1x Black Backpack:
Jessica's Journal Free-shipping-high-fashion-plain-black-backpack-trendy-college-backpacks-travel-laptop-bags-girls-book-bags

1x First Aid Kit:
Jessica's Journal Medkit_1

2x Military MRE's:
Jessica's Journal MRE_20071124

1x Metal Water Bottle:
Jessica's Journal PromotionalAbramio23ozAluminumWaterBottleKW2500

1x PocketKnife/Flint:
Jessica's Journal Fire_starter_knife

1x Clip on Compass:
Jessica's Journal Cg-compass_0

1x 6 inch Double Edge Knife:
Jessica's Journal BO120543B

1x Knife Wrist Sheath:
Jessica's Journal IMG_0270

1x Underarm Holster:
Jessica's Journal 30012_zoom

----------|OOC: Prolouge: A Life left Behind|----------

"Tyler... please" the middle aged woman said as she rushed forward, attempting to stop her husbands hand from smashing across one of her daughters face, but she was to late, the  13 year old girl's head spun with the hit, and she fell to the ground, rubbing her cheek tenderly as she glared at her father with an icy rage that showcased the tribal fury the girl was known for. "Your defiance and will shall be the end of you, Jessica." The man said coldly as he stared back with the same eyes, turning to glare at his wife, whom had tried to stop him from delivering his punishment. "And you, don't you ever try to intervene the discipline of my children, you hear me!?" He yelled as he raised a hand to the black haired woman, but did not hit. "Tch.. I don't have time for this crap, no wonder the other hunters said bringing an outsider into the tribe was trouble."

Tyler walked out slowly from his tent, glancing at the group of hunters he was now in charge of with a small smile, various people going about their duties, some working at the furnaces, creating knives and blades to sell to towns nearby, while others worked on fixing up old broken pistols. This was the Yoru Tribe, a Japanese tribe full of hunters located in California, their specialties revolving around hand to hand combat, mercenaries for hire, bladed weapon smithing, as well as pistol upkeep and repair. Tylers smile faded as he thought of what he did, breaking one of the largest traditions within his own tribe, to bring an outsider within their ranks, one without Japanese decent no less, not only that, but having three kids with the worthless bitch. His eyes narrowed as he glanced at his 17 year old daughter, before speaking "Amber, get your sorry ass over here."

Amber, a young girl of 17, standing at a height of 5'11, glanced at her father with her blue eyes, getting up from her work, she wiped her hands together to rid it of dust as she walked towards her father, her long, black silky hair flowing slightly with the passing breeze. "What is it, father?" She said with the same steel in her voice, the tension between the two was almost tangible, and had been for as long as the older sister could remember. "Listen, I want to make sure you keep Jessica away from the others, and do the same while your at it, you're both mistakes I made a long time ago, and I don't want that harming my leadership here." Amber's eyes narrowed as he spoke. 'Typical' she thought, anything wrong that happened would be blamed on either Jessica or herself, and when Ashley was old enough, she'd also take blame, everyone needs a scape goat, but the young tribal had enough of this.

The 13 year old girl, standing at a surprising height of 5'7, was punching an old sand bag ruthlessly as her older sister walked in, her eyes filled with sympathy and concern. "Jess..." Amber began, before Jessica turned around, practically screaming. "I hate it here! We're treated like shit and there isn't anything we can do about it!"

Amber's eyes glanced down in sadness slightly, nodding. "Well.. they have given us the same amount of training, besi-" "Like I care! I didn't ask to be branded with this tattoo!" Jessica screamed as she pointed to the Yoru Tribes' Trademark Tattoo, an intricate design starting at the top of the left side of her neck, slowly trailing down to the left side of her chest and shoulder, before spiraling down and ending at her wrist, all three sisters shared the same design, even Ashley, who was only two at the time.

Amber's eyes set, clenching her teeth before looking Jessica right in the eye. "Alright, your right, it's time we leave." Jessica's eyes widened at her sisters suggestion. "But.. where would we go?" Jessica asked, not thinking that her outburst would actually accomplish anything. Being answered by her eldest sister, "It doesn't matter, we're leaving tonight, be sure to get Ashley ready, not even mom can know about this, got it?" Amber said coldly, and Jessica's eyes began to tear up, The oldest sister sighed, before speaking again, in a softer tone. "You know that mom came here of her free will, she'll tell dad if you tell her anything." Jessica nodded in understanding, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Good" Amber said, taking a pause before turning toward the tent flap. "We Leave Tonight."

----------|OOC Prolouge: Bitter Tears|----------

"Alright, ready?" Amber asked her younger sister, whom had the 2 year old in a makeshift backpack, holes cut out to allow her legs through. Jessica nodded, and then quickly left the tent they had called home since they were born. Jessica followed her older sister through the darkness, staying close, her eyes strained to keep focus on the dark figure in front of her. 'Good thing Ash is asleep...' Jess couldn't help thinking, knowing her little sister would give them away. "Alright.." Amber whispered softly, her hand moving forward to  stop Jessica near a small gap in the hastily assembled gate. "Once we leave, there IS no coming back, soon as we make it through this hole, make sure you run, and stay right behind me, alright?"

Jessica nodded, her eyes set, they were finally leaving, finally getting out of this hell hole. Amber smiled at her little sisters softly, before muttering an old saying she usually said when times were tough. "Nankurunaisa!" before leaving, disappearing behind the gate, with Jessica only inches behind her. 'If you live life to the fullest, look forward to tomorrow, things will work out,' Jessica translated in her mind with a small smile, before long they were at a break neck sprint, moving quickly through the night to escape the view of any patrolling tribesmen that may be nearby.

"LOOOOOKYYY HEEEREEE BOOOOYS!" A familiar voice rang out as they were roughly 100 feet away from the camp. "LOOKS LIKE THE WORTHLESS HALF BREEDS ARE FINALLY LEAVING!!" Another shout came, and Amber clenched her jaw, knowing who it was "Father, drunk to." Amber muttered, urging aloud for Jess to pick up the pace, fear ran through her body as her strong legs took the shock of impact as her feet hit the ground each time, things seemed to go in slow motion as adrenaline flooded into her system. The familiar sound of pistol fire was heard, the sound of those scorching hot pieces of metal making impact on the ground, dancing around their feet as the faint glow of various muzzle flashes shown from behind.

"MAKE IT! YOU CAN DO I-" A feminine voice called out, before a pistol shot silenced her. "Mom.." Jess thought with tears welling up in her eyes as she continued to run, her lungs aching, and her legs burning, she powered close behind her older sister, Ambers eyes also filled with a strange emotion she never showed, sadness. Minutes seemed like hours as the hot chunks of gun powder propelled metal continued to collide at the ground, the fear of being hit by one of the bullets made the two sisters run faster, the adrenaline flooding their system keeping them alert despite the obvious exhaustion of the sprint that they were still in.

"We... Made it..." Amber huffed, working hard to slow her heart rate before wiping some sweat from her forehead. They had managed to make around a mile away from camp, with the main guards drunk off their ass, it would be easy to evade them, but they refused to take chance. They continued in a brisk walk, knowing that if they stopped they'd easily be found this close, and killed by their own tribe. "We gotta keep moving" Jessica mumbled to herself, her eyes red from the tears that dripped down her face, despite her crying, not a noise was made, her tears were tragically silent. "Nothing is holding us to that place any longer." Amber said, before placing a tentative arm around the young thirteen year old as they ventured into the unknown.

----------|OOC Prolouge: The Fallen|----------

"Jessica! Dinner!" Amber called out, heading back into the makeshift camp, it had been around 3 weeks since their separation from the tribe, and things had been going well, with their survival skills, and means for making money, they were well on their way to making a life for themselves in the wasteland. Jessica was seen heading back to camp, carrying Ashley in her arms with a smile, the separation had done wonders for Jessica, her attitude had practically changed overnight, and that in itself was a blessing.

"So what's for dinner Amber?" Jessica asked happily, playing with her baby sister as she sat down, waiting for a response, the only sound being Ashley's giggle as Jessica poked the young toddlers belly. "Figure we'd have some gecko meat, we're gonna have to go hunting again before long, and we need more water, but we seem to be doing alright." Amber said with a smile, setting the old plate in front of Jessica, whom would share her meal with her little sister, who didn't normally eat much in the first place. They both made light conversations, laughing occasionally as one would tell a joke or say something funny. They both were happy and content.

After packing up the camp that night, they began their long walk towards the west, working on getting as far from Arizona as possible. They preferred traveling at night, not only did it denture any suspicious eyes, but it also kept them under a cloud of shadow that would protect them from the other tribes, who would see their tattoo's and attack, or worse. "How long until we cross the border into Nevada?" Jessica asked softly, her eyes scanning the large cliffs they were passing through. "This area is perfect for an ambush, I really don't like it.." Jess began to say, before a deafening roar was heard, and then, rumbling. "Shit!" Amber yelled out, motioning for them to run quickly to the other side, up above, rocks were hurdling toward them, a rock-slide, and a bad one.

"Jessica! Stop!" Amber exclaimed, suddenly they were met with dust, Jessica being knocked back by the force, her head colliding with another rock as she fell. When the dust had settled, a large, impassable wall of fallen rock laid between Amber, Ashley, and Jessica, all three sisters separated. Amber cursed, calling out for her sisters names, both of which were irresponsive.

"Guess... I'm on my own.." Amber said slowly, after trying to get through the rocks for around 5 hours, she beginning the journey to the west once more, without her sisters.

----------|OOC Prolouge: Humble Beginnings|----------

Jessica's bare feet touched the hot sand, step after step, how long had she been wandering? She didn't know, she didn't know what had happened, and every time she tried to remember what happened, she got a headache. "Tch... can't..." Jess said slowly, her icy Blue eyes coming across a small town up ahead, she smiled slightly, noticing a group up ahead, she finally made it, a town, no idea where, but a town none-the-less. As she approached, she suddenly collapsed, the welcoming darkness of unconsciousness sweeping over her for the 3rd time that day.

"Oi.. kid, you awake?" A gruff voice said as the girl woke slowly, her vision slowly coming into focus, noticing the man, average features, wearing what appeared to be a badge with a large B on it. "Ugh... what happened..." Jessica said softly, her hand moving to her head, trying to fight through the throbbing pain and heavy fog that seemed to loom over her. "Ya passed out, I dunno where you came from but damn it looks like you haven't eaten in a week." The man said with a smile, before introducing himself. "The Name is James Johnson, call me 'Switch'" He said with a quirky grin, helping her out of bed, and to a nearby table where a meal was waiting.

Less than a few weeks later, Jessica was back on her feet, still unable to remember the events that brought her to the area, or anything of value in the past 16 years, just a strange language, some survival skills, and several other skills she had no knowledge of how she came to learn them. The only haunting memory that seemed to loom was a constant dream, a strange man shrouded in the darkness, hitting her, the only physical remnant of her past being the tribal tattoo that trialed down her neck and arm.

----------|IC Journal:Pages 1-4: The Infected|----------



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Damn Dude.
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Nice IC page, Shanaro. Really like it! Thanks for joining, by the way!

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