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Post by Thy Final Wendigo on Sat Nov 09, 2013 3:56 pm

[OOC Section]

1. [Steam name]: [ST-AWP] Thy Final Wendigo; (Deadpool right now)

2. [Steam ID]: STEAM_0:1:37259802

3. [How do you feel about the Fire-Flies?]: Well, I feel as if the Fire-Flies in the Last of Us are more of an Anarchist-core group; more or less one that wants freedom from the control of the Martial Law-controlled United States Armed Forces. They look for freedom; something that the US Armed Forces hope to suppress in the Last of Us because of the ensuing inflectional fungi. The Fire-Flies are more or less a group that are meant to appear as a beacon of hope; rather than a group that is based over an Anarchist-system.

4. [What do you expect whilst you role-play in the Fire-Flies?]: Well, if you are looking for an answer that says: “a lot of action and fun”; then that is not the answer you are going to get. I expect role-play in the Fire-Flies to be explicitly calm for the most part; considering that the Fire-Flies don’t have sufficient troops to constantly go up against the US Armed Forces. Therefore, I will expect mostly passive role-play; and more focus on character development.

During the role-play, it is massively concentrated (again) on character development, as well as helping forming relationship between other characters. This makes a much more enjoyable experience, over being in a fight constantly; eager to pull the trigger. (I could never understand why people love actions so much).

5. [Give a detailed backstory of your character in third person.]: Urith Bornstellar was born on December 2nd, 1994 in Munich, Germany to his mother: Klara Bornstellar. However, the joy of his birth was short lived; as his mother died during birth, the Doctor’s barely managing to get young Urith out and managed to keep him alive, despite a near death experience and his various genetic mutations.  Born a Polydactyl, Urith had an extra pair of fingers; having six fingers on each hand. Born with another assortment of mutations, such as lack of cartilage, and an accelerated growth factor; which made Bornstellar age and mature at a much more rapid rate.

Humiliated and mocked by children for his deformities; Urith swore to prove his worth by proving his intelligence to be greater, which he finely did. Gradating in an Honor’s Class, Urith received multiple requests to attend various Universities across the globe; but Bornstellar chose to attend at an Engineering University somewhere in the United States of America. Attending this University for the last two years; Urith had been part of a top class—before the fungal infection broke out in the States. Moved to a Quarantine Zone for protection from the infection; Bornstellar discovered for the first time Martial Law, unable to handle the cruelty.

Bornstellar soon turned to aid the Fire-Flies; a rebellious group against the Totalitarian rule of the US Armed Forces. Providing his education in hope to help provide for the Fire-Flies, Urith helped in repairing and innovating weapons and technologies important for the insurrection. While not exactly used to combat, Urith usually stays behind to monitor troop movements; preferring to stay out of firefights to the best of his abilities.  

[IC Section]

[Sex]: Male

[First name]: Urith

[Last name]: Bornstellar

[Height]: 2.04 meters (6.7 feet)

[Build (What type of build, E.G Muscular, Slim, etc.)]:

[Hair color]: Black

[Eye color]: Silver

[Sexuality]: Heterosexual, (straight)

[Ethnicity]: German

[Why do you wish to serve the Fire-Flies, or if you plan to join, why do you believe you should become a part of the Fire-Flies.]: Urith is a talented Engineer and Mathematician, studying heavily in his last years in Grade School as well as in College. Understanding well mechanical and electrical engineering; Urith can repair weapons and equipment important to the Fire-Flies if he has the time and materials to do so. Therefore, Bornstellar is an important part of the Fire-Flies as he can provide a lot of services; as usually members would need to find weapons or learn to fix it themselves if their weapons are in disrepair or are broken.

[In what combat situation are you most comfortable in?]: Towards the back; mostly understanding enemy movements, and being able to guide troops into safer combat areas. However, if in combat; it would be short to medium ranges in light combat.  

[As a member of the Fire-Flies, what do you believe is the uppermost priority?]: Urith believes the top priority as a Fire-Fly is to exhaust the Totalitarian US Armed Forces and reform a functional society. He wants to put an end to an oppression which is damaging an already broken world, in order for a fair and equal society to come into place. Bornstellar also believes in upholding a flag of Democracy, which is missing in this society. Over all, Bornstellar believes the upmost priority is to overthrow the corrupt US Martial Law.
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Post by Detective Hipster on Sat Nov 09, 2013 4:05 pm

Amazing Application, This is what people should be trying to do when they make applications. Accepted
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