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Lila Carson
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

Lila Carson - Blind Hope T6hoBsS

Age: 27
Height: 5'10''
Eye color: Clouded blue
Birthday: August 14th
Birthplace: Lake Tahoe NV


People of Note
~Good friend~Friend~Neutral~Disliked~Hated~

Adam Cherokee Adam is a good man, not the most bright, but a good man none the less. He's been more than hospitable to me, which is a lot more than I can say for the majority of people I've met here.

Items of Note

One of the few items Lila actually needs, her cane acts as her eyes, and without it navigation is difficult. The cane itself is nothing special, a standard seeing eye cane, capable of folding and in a red and white pattern. It is the same cane Lila has carried her entire life, and it being her only way to find her way in a world made for the sighted, has given it much sentimental value to her.

Lila Carson - Blind Hope Large_ep1nb10352-1

Lila carries two books in her possession, the first being a braille version of Tempest, by Shakespeare. It is a book she's read hundreds of times, and each time she finds it just as interesting as the last. It's not the only work of Shakespeare she's read, but it is the only one she is in current possession of, and one which she cares for with great fondness.

Lila Carson - Blind Hope 628x471

The second book in her possession is a New International Version Bible in braille, a book she's kept with her for a good portion of her life since it was gifted to her. While it's not a book she reads leisurely, it is one she keeps with herself and reads time to time, mostly to others as an act of "spreading hope to the hopeless."

Lila Carson - Blind Hope _DSC8180

One of the few parts of her clothing to never change is her necklace. Lila wears a small sliver necklace bearing three letters entirely braille, the contents of which being known only to her. It is unknown when she began wearing the necklace, though ever since it's appearance she has been incredibly protective of it.

Lila Carson - Blind Hope MomBrailleNecklace



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